Social Media Project Proposal

1. Vision or Mission

I want to test how people react to a fake facts that are presented as real. I’m going to present facts that are worded intelligently and appear fully fleshed out. I want to see if people will just accept the facts or if they will look at my username (which will be something that suggest that I’m writing is fake) and call me out on it.

2. Platform (and affordances)

I want to use Tumblr. It’s a blogging site that people often post random facts to. These facts are often widely circulated, and seldom fact checked. I know I personally have read “facts” from Tumblr that I didn’t fact check. Also on this platform people seldom pay attention to the usernames of the blogs. This allows me to put the seed in there that everything I write is fake, and potentially have that go unnoticed.

3. Execution

I’m going to start a new Tumblr account. I’m not sure entirely what the name of the account will be, but it will need to suggest that everything I write is false. I’m going to come up with several false facts and post them to my page. These facts will need to be fleshed out, and I will need to be able to have answers if anyone has questions. I’m going to use tags to make it easier to stumble upon my page. Also to make the likelihood of my blog being read higher, I’m going to follow a bunch of people in hopes that they follow me back or at least look at my profile.

4. Capture/Presentation

I’m going to take screenshots of all of my posts as well as the comments on my posts. I’m going to put all of these screenshots into a PowerPoint in order to present them.

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