Social Media Project Progress

My social media project is focusing on how people react when presented with a fake fact online. I’m posting fact fakes that are presented as truth to Tumblr. I’m waiting to see if people will accept my facts as truth or if they will call me out on the fact that everything I’ve posted is a lie.

So far I’ve posted 6 different “facts” onto my Tumblr post. Here are the posts that I’ve made so far:

With these posts I attempted to make the facts sound as true as possible. Most posts include something that actually exists like the retinal patterns in our eyes. The post about early sunglasses is also half true. The part about the animal skin is false, but the information about the second type of sunglasses is true.

I’m attempting to get more people to see my posts by following a bunch of people in hopes that they’ll follow me back or at least look at my content. I’ve also included tags in each of my posts in hopes that they will come up in searches as well.

So far I’ve only had one response to my posts. The response is on the first thing that I posted about Ancient Grecian lube. This was the response:

Someone liked the post. So it can be assumed that they did not fact check my post. I’m hoping to get more interactions on my posts. My hope is that the more I put out there, the more people will see what I post. If you want to help me out with visibility by reposting my stuff on Tumblr I would greatly appreciate it. Here’s the link to my blog on Tumblr:

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