Broadside Idea

So for my broadside I decided to modify an old poem that I wrote. This is the poem:

You are beautiful

Not because someone says you are

But because you decide to be beautiful

One design goal I might try to accomplish with this broadside is juxtaposing images. I think a juxtaposition of something that is traditionally considered ugly with a poem about beauty will make the poem more powerful.

I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll make the broadside in color or not. What I’m currently thinking is that certain parts of the broadside will be in color while the rest is in black and white. I’ll make the decision on color once I’ve decided on the picture and poem layout.


McLuhan Response

One facing-page spread that I found especially interesting are pages 56 and 57 (or page 33 in the pdf). This page talks about how Western artists are locked in a visual world that is strictly horizontal and vertical. It then goes on to talk about how people pre-alphabet lived in a boundless world. The setup of the page compliments this content.

The page is set up so that the text has been turned on its head. This brings the two pages back into the pre-alphabet world. It breaks the bounds of the visual world that the Western artists live in. It turns the way you must read the page on the head, and exemplifies the point of the text.